the artist

the artist


Brian Reberger

Daylesford, Victoria
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Blake Prize
(finalist 2000/2001)

Wyndham City Contemporary Art Prize
(finalist 2002)

Archibald Prize
(entries 2003 & 2005)

The Artist

Brian Reberger was born in Leeton, New South Wales, Australia, and completed his Art studies with a Diploma of Fine Art (Painting) from Swinburne University, then Prahran College in 1982.

The strong Italian influence of his early life in Leeton was a significant influence on Brian, and sparked his life-long passion for Italy. Indeed he now shares his time between his studio in Daylesford, Melbourne and his Italian base in Umbria, Italy. 

Brian’s work exposes magnificence in what many may give merely a cursory glance. Through his eyes and with his innate sense of observation, everyday scenes translate in to true beauty. His awareness of people going about their daily lives, details within a landscape or cityscape give his artwork meaning and depth. ‘These images fill me with inspiration and peace, and often possess an eerie inner stillness that is always intriguing to the viewer’ . Brian relays.

His work captures the sensitivity of Universal beauty, culture and people, leaving the viewer not as a voyeur yet immersed within.

He is a master of differing mediums and has worked extensively with Chalk Pastel, Oil Painting, Charcoal and hand tinted photographs. While Charcoal is his current medium of choice, he has recently experimented with the addition of pastels and gold and silver leaf to these works, to great effect. The gilding pays homage to the Italian masters Bernini, Cellini and the ancient tradition which saw gold leaf used on religious paintings, altarpieces and church decoration.

‘It has been a trial and error process, but I have mastered this medium, and I’m still working on different ways to incorporate the gold and silver leaf in to the work – it’s constantly evolving’.

Brian states, ‘I do not wish the works to be considered surreal as they do not, I believe, derive any significance from this paradigm. Rather, I offer a more simplistic and less theoretical visual experience. Indeed, the interaction between the stoicism of purported religious and/or iconographic imagery present in my paintings meshed with the Catholicism and tradition of still life are facets of my work, which I not only enjoy expressing, but also provide me with the opportunity to pique the viewer to engage more liberally with the works’.

Reberger is now working as a full time artist. He exhibits his masterful inspired works regularly, and is often called upon to give talks on his Art Practice. He is eagerly purchased by local and international collectors alike.

 These works can now be found in Italy, England, America, Lebanon and throughout Australasia.  

 © All works are copyright and remain the right of Brian Reberger. 

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